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Guy Delarbre

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Lilian Bachellerie

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Welcome to our English speaking friends

Services are held every Sunday at 10 am with communion (alternate Sundays) and Sunday School


A room is available for parents with babies and children up to school age

Sunday School is available for children of school age


Headphones available to listen to an English translation of the Service


Café Church Newsletter - Easter 2017

Dear Cafe Church members, friends and supporters.

Spring is here and Lent is fast moving towards the celebration of Easter and Christ’s Resurrection  the world’s most awesome reason for celebration; the gift of the Holy Spirit and His promise of salvation!

This season of New Beginnings is also the moment to share news from the former Cafe Church fellowship, which has equally been settling into its new beginnings.

The now familiar bi-lingual services on the third Sunday of every month are being followed by the traditional bring and share lunch plus a time of fellowship, led by the speaker of the day. These are proving to be flexible times of teaching, testimony, shared journeys, and various aspects of ministry, prayer and much more!

These times together are blessed by being co-led by English and French members, as well as everyone singing choruses in English and French. We have been and will continue to welcome well known and loved speakers, as well as, new ones drawn from across France and beyond.

We started the year welcoming the new Chaplain for Aquitaine, Tony Lomas, who led a lively time of fellowship - thus setting the bar for the rest of the year!

Amongst those who will be returning will be Derek Cook, the founder of Cafe Church, and Charlotte Sullivan - both will undoubtedly be warmly welcomed!

Derek will be preaching on May 21st - ​ it​ will be a special occasion, ​as before and during the Bring and Share lunch and fellowship, the English speaking community along with the international membership will be thanking Derek for all that has been achieved through his obedience to Christ's promptings. We would love you to join us! 

The other Sundays of the month the Eglise Evangélique Libre Service’s are translated into English via headphones.

New comers continue to arrive via the portal of the website through which most of the folks found their way to the fellowship.

With France being the number one destination for global mission, we are delighted to be reconnected to Glen and Jessica Shady, who have moved from America with their three girls and are now they are living and studying near Paris. Having being led to and hosted by Cafe Church a couple of years ago, it is very exciting to see this gifted couple establishing the France Mission charity and living in France for the foreseeable future. We were very excited and greatly blessed by Glen and his eldest daughter Elizabeth driving 8 hours from Paris to be with us for the February meeting - it was the best of early spring surprises!

Glen will be the speaker for the August service., so if you would like to know more , check them out on French Christian Ministry

The prayer and fellowship meetings continue as we all learn more about change following the news that with Pastor Guy and his wife Cecile will be working in Orthez from July.

With Him though all things are possible!

Thank you for your prayers and support over the years and especially throughout these last month’s  the transition is well underway and together with our brothers and sisters in EEL, we are each stepping onto a new path for HIS GLORY.

Peace and Blessings

Peter, Richard, Jo and Ann


23rd April Peter Holmes

21st May Derek Cook

18th June t.b.a.

16th July Robin Nash

20th August Glen Shady

17th September t.b.a.

15th October Charlotte Sullivan

19th November t.b.a.

17th December Carol Service

 Eglise Evangelique Libre, 5 rue Durou, Bergerac.

A warm welcome is extended to all at the following events where English is spoken:

Open Prayer Meetings in English at Eglise Evangélique :

Third Tuesday of the month: 10h15 for Welcome and coffee and Start at 10h30.

Close and farewells at 12h00 - English spoken but all welcome.

BFG (Bergerac Fellowship Group) : meets once a fortnight on a Friday

Men’s Breakfast : meets on the second Saturday of every month

Please contact Richard and Ann Cole for further details:



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Our History

Our Church began in the 1970's with just two people but step by step it grew and today has sixty or more attending.  At first we shared a Pastor with a Church in Perigueux but in 1996 we called our own Pastor.  Today, our Pastor is Guy Delarbre.

Our Faith

We are Christ followers: we believe that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Lord.

We are Protestant: we believe that we will be saved by faith.

We are Evangelical: we believe that the Bible is the true Word of God.

Our Aim

We want to be a place of Discovery where Christians learn how to support each other.

We want to be a place of Praise, singing, worshipping and praying together.

May God bless you whilst you are in this part of the world.


Monthly Programme

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