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Pascal Girard

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Lilian Bachellerie

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Bergerac, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France


Who are we?

We are the English speaking community of the Eglise Evangélique attracting many nationalities from diverse church backgrounds.

Services are on Sundays at 10 am

Headphones are available to listen to an English translation of the Service

Eglise Evangélique Libre

5 rue Durou


GPS N 44.857604 E 0.481312

There is some free parking opposite church


Other English speaker’s activities 

The Anglophone Fellowship Group meets on a Friday morning for Bible Study and prayer, followed by a shared lunch : next meeting will be on Friday 7 December 2018  please contact Peter Shire for further details :

A Men’s Breakfast is held once a month on a Saturday morning for a time of reflection, prayer and fellowship : for more details contact Peter Shire :


So whether you … live here, are planning a holiday in this beautiful part of South West France or thinking that God is telling you to come and live here, we can promise you some genuine Christian fellowship.

Contact either

Peter Shire:   or

Ann Cole:

Groupe Anglophone de l’Eglise Evangélique Libre de Bergerac.  Pastor : Pascal Girard


40 years of history of the Evangelical Free Church of Bergerac "Do not despise the day of small things ..." (Reference to Zechariah 4:10) 

1978: 1st Bible in the hands of Annie - 1st Council of the Church of Périgueux - Pastor Jacques Lauzet

1979: Joint Services Périgueux - Bergerac at the Château Barrière in Périgueux

1980: Families come together - Studies and Services in two houses

1981: 1st public place of worship, Impasse Doublet in Bergerac

1987: Arrival of Pastor Pierre Marilleau
1996: Arrival of Pastor Vincent Miéville - 1st pastoral housing in Bergerac
2000: Acquisition of the new hall of worship, 5 rue Durou
2004: Arrival of Pastor Nicolas Guillemain
2005: Separation of the two church associations of Périgueux and Bergerac, the latter having become autonomous financially - then pastoral vacancy during one year

2006: Arrival of Pastor Guy Delarbre

2007: Action "Purpose Driven Life" - Birth of several house groups
2009: Creation of Café-Church (English service once a month on Sunday afternoon)
2015: Synod the Union of Free Evangelical Churches in La Force and Bergerac

2017: Pastoral delegation chosen for a year attributed to Lucie Bardiau, member of the Council of the Church and voting to accept the arrival of Pastor Pascal Girard in the summer of 2018

Interim Pastor : Lucie Bardiau

1 September 2018:  Arrival of Pastor Pascal Girard and his wife Jennie.